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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we still get a referral if we already booked?

Yes! If you have already booked, we can add the VIP Referral Perks to your existing reservation!

2. What "Perks" does a referral get if we already booked?

If you have already booked, you can get all of the same perks that someone who books through a referral gets EXCEPT the 25% off rack rate for the reservation itself. Please see the perks page for a complete list of all the perks.

3. Can we get referrals for Desire/Miches/Grand Miches?

Yes, we can help you with a referral for ANY of the "Original Group" properties.

4. The referral perks sounds great! What's the catch/cost?

There is no cost for our referrals. The only expectation is that you attend a 90 minute presentation while on-site at the resort. The presentation is done by the Premier Sales Team and goes over the Premier Membership Packages and the benefits that owners of the packages receive.

5. Can I skip the presentation?

The presentation is mandatory by the resort. Skipping it can cause you to lose the perks, eligibility for future referrals, and even possible future discounts should you ever return. The presentation is super fun and goes by quicker than you think.  It's informative about the resort and other resorts within the Original Resorts family and can be done first thing any morning you are there, so you don't miss our on any activities.

6. What does Temptation Referral get for referring us?

We get a couple of things; One being the satisfaction of knowing that you are going to get the most you can without being members and your happiness is the number one thing we want! The second is IF you buy into the Premier Membership, we get credited some free nights for referring you. We like happiness too and love to visit the resort to see each of you!

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